Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Crazy Thoughts and Suggested Readings

Do you ever wonder about those things we cannot measure yet we know they exist? Things like love, faith and deja vu. At fifty-eight years of age I’ve come full circle; I’ve grown up believing in God and religion, eschewed my faith in an effort at practicality and find myself once again believing that there is a divine purpose in this world. I was led to this conclusion through tango and my inquiry into the physics of string theory and quantum mechanics. I believe we exist as both a particle and a wave of pure energy and, at any one time, we are either material or ethereal, depending upon the state of our subatomic particles.
Through tango I was able to observe the subtle yet powerful forces of human interaction. Learning how to use the cabeceo to invite a dance partner to join me on the dance floor taught me much about the language we share subconsciously when we are in a crowd; that we are one of many and that we exist as a singularity and as a part of the whole simultaneously.
I struggled to understand the tenets of string theory that propose multiple dimensions beyond those we take for granted: time and space. In my writings in Wiccans, Zombies and the Mayan Blood God,  I hoped to define, however inadequately, what another dimension may look like or be; that maybe our emotions and feelings of things we cannot explain or quantify are proof of those other dimensions. Writing is not my forte and I failed to realize any popular success from my endeavor but it helped me realize how great my lack of understanding truly was.
It’s all real. All we suspect and imagine are true as difficult as that may be to believe. Ghosts, goblins, the Bible, the Law of Attraction, evil spirits, angels, superstitions, all of that is all true. There is a reason why people purport the existence of these things to be true and it is because they are. Our fear of the dark is not an unrealistic emotion, it is our senses warning us that there are bad things out there that exist beyond the realm of what we can see with our eyes and hear with our ears or touch with our hands or taste with our tongues or smell with our noses; or maybe we do but just can’t comprehend what it is that we are seeing, feeling, hearing, tasting or smelling.

I know, this sounds like crazy but maybe crazy is what is necessary to come to terms with the insanity of the universe that we live in.

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