Thursday, May 18, 2017

What Men Are Feeling: Table of Contents

Table of Contents

The Four Rules of Arousal While Dancing 10
My Suspicious Mind 12
The Walled Fortress of Man 14
We Are Talking about Arousal: Like It or Not 15
Grab Them by the Pussy 19
Jealousy and a Dog Called Wiggles 21
Jealous Thoughts of the Competition 24
The Unforgivable Sin 26
Battle of the Sexes 26
Treat Me Like Your Dog 29
Honest Communications 32
We Are All Liars 32
Our Ageless Ethereal Self 34
Life and Death Questions 35

Man Things
Tango Poetry: The Tango Let Down 37
The Ties that Bind 37
Man vs. Tango 39
Creature of Passion 40
A Nonlinear Dream 41
Emotional Nutrition 43
Mr. Anti-Social 44

Talking to Women
Putting My Foot in My Mouth 46
Seduction, Romance, Passion and Tango 47
Three-legged Dog Dancing Tango 49

Interesting Women 51
What Is Tango? 52
Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover 54
No Experience Necessary 55
Ain’t No Mountain High Enough to Keep Me Away from You 57
The Big Secret 58
Pieces of Meat 59

Rejection 61
Cabeceo and Our Fear of Rejection 63
More on Cabeceo and Rejection 66
My Angel 68
Love 70
Love’s Cosmic Orchestra 73
All Bra and No Birdies 75
Homosexuality, Same Sex Couples and Tango 76
Homosexuality and Tango 78
Why Some Girls Have Beards 82
A Little Machismo Goes A Long Way 84
Understanding Women
Hold Me Just A Little Bit Longer 86
When Do Men Ask Questions? 87
Girls, Dragons and Tango 89
Girls Behaving Badly 90
Sweet Young Thing 93
The Politics of Tango 95
Free Your Mind And She Will Follow 97
Missing Lapushka       99
Our Primal Selves       100
Let Me Tell You That I Love You       103
Desire and Infatuation: Crucial Ingredients to Begin Relationships       106
Can You Feed the Dominatrix? It’s Hungry.        108
Staying on the Highway      110
On Dancing with Younger Women      111
Suicide Bombers and the Tango Wolf               113
Tango: A Guide to Living      113
Fear of Intimacy      116
Tango Is Not Sex      117
Touch Is the Cure      118

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