Wednesday, January 11, 2012


               Admit it, you knew what it was as soon as you read the word. This could be a blank page and you would make up the definition on your own. 
               It is the act of dancing so well with a partner that you metaphorically orgasm. Like Jonthan Livingston Seagull, who learns how to fly so well, he vanishes.
               You don’t have to be the greatest dancer to achieve tangasm. I did it the other day. I led a move on a tanguera and I remembered that she found this particular movement pleasing. Without looking at her face, I could tell she had that little smile that girls get when they’re tickled with a pleasurable thought. It was parallel back ochos.
               I took a chance and followed with a trio of soft, tiny volcadas. I happened to catch a break in the music and instinctively realized I could add another pair of volcadas…a flagrant violation of everything we’re taught in class: one is good, two is better, three is vulgar.
               I could tell there was something going on inside her at this very moment. It was as if she had crossed a threshold, experienced an epiphany! Her worst enemy, herself, was preventing her from enjoying herself and she wasn’t going to allow that to happen anymore. She was delighted with my offerings and wasn’t going to be an impediment to her own happiness….and I was the one that brought her to this realization, BAM!!!! TANGASM! ‘nuf said.

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